Are You Ready To Create Powerful  Wealth?  We Share Financial Secrets You Never Knew Existed 

Create Your Own Financial Freedom! Grow Your  Wealth Without Wall Street
Why Do You Need A Smart Wealth Strategy?
The Traditional Way Of "Working, Saving, And Investing" Isn't Working! Many Of Us Are Not Where They Promised Us We Would Be With Their Advice!
Traditional ways of financial and wealth building are broken. Technological disruption is challenging established ways of creating wealth and putting the power back into the client's hands.  Strategy-based wealth building solutions are creating new millionaires and opening
up new opportunities for building wealth. Normally, institutions control your
assets by putting them “under management”... Instead, we empower you to make
 the decisions and have the opportunities with your money that would otherwise be given away! It's time to have a Smart Wealth Strategy©. 
Uncovering Truth
We support you in understanding the secrets to growing real wealth. You outline and track your growth. You create a customized plan for your wealth goals.
Smart Support
Grow your network of like minded people that share your values and wealth interests. Get wealth growing tips and training as you continuously grow your portfolio.
Build Smart Wealth
We help our clients customize  and grow wealth, guided by their values, and goals. We provide secrets to building wealth that most don't want you to find out.
Smart Wealth Tools
We provide our clients with the most relevant and effective wealth tools, producing systems that stablize their long-term plans and success over time.
Traditional wealth systems are not working. Many advisors churn accounts for profits leaving you broke over time. Many people are uncovering better ways to build wealth than simply investing in uncertain and volatile markets...
  • Knowledge: Instantly raise your ability to make decisions with your wealth
  • Uncover: The secrets to growing wealth they don't want you to know
  •  Discover: How you can build more wealth and enjoy more freedom
Smart Wealth Strategy Secrets
We share wealth-building secrets they don't want you to know. We empower you to make an educated decision about your wealth-building needs. We help you bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.  We show you how to build wealth not controlled by the ups and downs of uncertain economic waves.
Many people who choose to build wealth use old traditional wealth tools. Even though most people want to become wealthy, the process involved is confusing, dangerous and costly. Someone else always has control of their money and is often anything but careful with it. If you want to create wealth but wonder to yourself, "Where the heck do I start!?" Smart Wealth Strategy© is for you. It puts you in the driver seat of your wealth.
Customized Wealth Plans 
We put you in the driver's seat of your wealth. You will understand how to grow your wealth and protect it from companies who just want to keep selling you products or churning your accounts so they get paid.
Wealth Development
We assist you in designing your wealth. We move you through critical mistakes many people make while growing wealth and help you improve your wealth results. 
Online Wealth Education
You will uncover the truth about past traditional wealth models. You will understand how to grow wealth in a whole new way and what to look out for. 
Wealth Strategies
We unravel wealth strategies that provide solutions and opportunities for stable wealth creation. We are partners in achieving success with your goals in mind.
Most people believe that wealth is out of their reach. Nothing could be further from the truth. If you know the steps to wealth creation, you can build it. You can start where you are and you can grow your wealth by implementing powerful strategies. 
Outlining a wealth plan together helps you grow the wealth that will bring you the life you want and provide the legacy you want for loved ones. More people are understanding the process of creating wealth right from their own homes and have more opportunity to protect their wealth by learning how to do it themselves.
People are living longer and enjoying more health and freedom. They want to be in control of their wealth in order to see it grow stronger. When you understand the lies they tell you about creating wealth, you empower your outcomes and ability to successfully create wealth for yourself. 
Smart Transparency
Smart FAQ'S
  •  Question: Are you an investment firm or financial planner?
  •  Answer: No, we are a customized wealth-strategy company  that                                                specializes in helping you command your wealth and assets.
  •  Questions: Will this help me if I haven't saved for retirement yet?
  •  Answer: Yes, after you evaluate your assessment and design your next step                        you can begin to create your wealth and outline your success.
  • Question: My employee pension and/or 401k will not be enough for me to                            retire on. Can you help me?
  •  Answer: We share wealth-producing options that could enhance your                                     wealth, based on how you apply them.
  •  Questions: I don't know anything about building wealth. Will this course                                   help me?
  •  Answer: Yes! Because we share wealth secrets most people don't know                                about. You will understand wealth in a whole new way.
  •  Questions: What's the difference between investments and wealth?
  •  Answer: Most often investments are market-based instruments. Wealth is a variety of wealth-building functions you will learn about in this program.
Your Smart Wealth Strategy
Discover How To Create More Wealth Without So Much Risk
We Build Wealth Without Big Banks
We Share Secret Income Strategies
We Build Wealth Without Wall Street
We Uncover Unseen Wealth Options
We Share Alternative Growth Strategies
Start Growing Your Smart Wealth  Now
Dana Wright - Mechanic
"This program has been absolutely fantastic. It fully covers all the ingredients to form wealth and discard financial traps. These lessons come packed into manageable, relatable, plain-spoken messages with accompanying material to dive right in. It’s not a get rich quick plan, it's proven techniques to build wealth, and make it all work for me without having to work to make someone else’s dream come true."
The Mocks - JT Barbers
"We are thankful for the expertise of Smart Group Firm. We have now built 3 successful businesses together and they are thriving. Every day we see the fruits of our labor. I still hear her voice every day giving me direction and motivation to continue the growth in our relationship and businesses.
Colorado USA "
Cinnamon Alvarez - A19
"I have been impressed with Smart Group’s depth of knowledge, expertise and experience which they have brought to my projects and they continue to exceed my expectations. I’m constantly impressed. I don’t think I could have found a better mentor, or consultant anywhere.
California USA "
Joan Pounds - Monetization Magic
"Vickie Helm has her thumb on the pulse of what’s really working for today’s entrepreneurs. She also has the wisdom to be able to guide
you through downturns in the economy as
you still grow wealth.
Joan Pounds Monetization Magic "
Colorado USA
Jennifer Katz - CEO
"These Smart Wealth Strategies are so important to building wealth. These lessons are delivered in a clear, logical and well organized fashion. I have more clarity and confidence because I now know what I am doing to build wealth. These secret keys have saved me years of foolish effort. It changed my mindset instantly from a fog of confusion to laser clarity. I know what I am doing now!"
California  USA "
Don Root - The Genie
"What an amazing wealth of information! This opens your eyes to where you are stuck. And you get the tools! The  whole concept is put together for you. You really know it is 
possible to do and that’s incredible".
Colorado USA "
Smart Wealth Strategy
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